Rusty Wier: His Music and
Where To Buy It

Rusty Wier - I Stood Up album cover
Rusty Wier
May 3, 1944 - October 9, 2009

Updated: August 13, 2016

I've had as many inquiries recently about my Rusty Wier collection as I have for B. W. Stevenson. Sorry, but neither collection is for sale. However, I built this page for the same reason I built my B. W. Stevenson page - in the hopes that it would help you find the items you're missing from your collection.

Rusty Wier CDs are getting harder and harder to find, especially since everything seems to be out of print. Worse yet, when you do find them, you better be prepared with some pretty deep pockets. That said, there are a few places I can recommend that you look.

I guess the first place I would personally recommend these days is The prices on Rusty Wier CDs are high, but they have an excellent return policy. My second choice would be MusicStack. Again, deep pockets are recommended. My third recommendation would be ebay. I haven't done a lot of business with them in recent years, but my past experience has shown that they didn't seem to police the sale of CD-Rs, so that's what you could end up with if you buy from them. Just sayin'. Anyway, besides doing just a lot of Googling, these three sites are your best bet.

In addition, you can find a couple of Rusty Wier CDs listed for sale from David Card, owner/proprietor of Poor David's Pub. Live at Poor David's Pub and Rusty And Son are both available here, according to the website. These are original CDs too, NOT CD-Rs.

Besides the above recordings, here are some other CDs that Rusty sings on. You can search for these albums from the same sources I mentioned earlier. Bill's Records in Dallas may also have some of them.

That's the extent of my knowledge, folks. I hope I've helped you get just a little closer to getting your hands on these recordings. Rusty Wier was a truly talented but vastly under-appreciated artist, and his recordings are definitely worth searching out. Happy hunting!