Thanks For Dropping By!

Good day to you, and thanks for visiting my website. My name is Patricia Wong, and I live in the Seattle, Washington (USA) area. Please call me Pat; I'm only Patricia if I'm in trouble.

So what's with the website title? Well, I had a former co-worker email me one time with a music related question, and he used "Music Around The World" for the title of his email. I wanted to have music as a theme for my site and thought that sounded like a cool title. Besides, I really do have a music collection from around the world, so there you have it.

OK, how about the domain name then? Nap + Marathon = Napathon. I don't get enough sleep during the week so I make up for it on the weekend by taking - you guessed it - a napathon on Saturday afternoon. At least, that's the way it used to be. I'm retired now, so every day is a weekend and every day is a holiday now! I can take my napathon whenever I want.

As the title implies, this website is dedicated to music - all kinds, from jazz to reggae to western swing and everything in between. You'll find collecting tips, trade list and want list pages, album reviews, features on a few of my favorite artists, and much more.

Speaking of collecting tips, would you like some help finding that rare LP you've been searching years for? Check out my article, Using the Internet to Further Collecting Efforts. I have some pointers which might help you in your search. Also included within that article is an amazing story about a concert video that I was finally able to get my hands on.

Thanks again for stopping by. Enjoy your stay.

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