Let's Get B. W. Stevenson Released On CD

B. W. Stevenson - Lead Free album cover

You may already have seen the various pages on my website containing articles and other information on B. W. Stevenson, one of my favorite '70s artists. I had been toying with the idea for quite some time of contacting the folks at Rhino Handmade to see if they might be interested in a limited edition release of Stevenson's material. It's a moot point now, since all of B. W.'s albums have been reissued on CD. Even so, I thought you might be interested in the note I wrote to the Rhino Handmade folks prior to all the reissues:

I'm writing you today in the hopes that you'll consider a Rhino Handmade release for B. W. Stevenson, an artist who helped to define what came to be known as alternative country in the early '70s. There has been one official release of his older material, the album titled My Maria, which was his most commercially successful album, repackaged as The Very Best Of B. W. Stevenson with a few bonus tracks. Stevenson was a talented songwriter himself, writing beautiful ballads such as Save A Little Time For Love and On My Own. He also had great cover versions of such songs as Peaceful Easy Feeling and Please Come To Boston.

I run a small website (www.napathon.net), which contains a few pages about B. W. Stevenson. Despite its size, I can tell you from observation of my server logs and website search engine logs that I get quite a lot of traffic from visitors looking for B. W. Stevenson material. I think that speaks well of his continued popularity, so many years after his death. I feel certain that you would have an audience who is most interested in seeing B. W. Stevenson's catalog receive a digital life. Thanks for your consideration.