Album Review
Gotta Get A Message To You
Tribute Album

Various Artists - Gotta Get A Message To You, tribute album cover image

Produced as a fund-raiser for the charity LIVE Challenge '99, which raised money for homeless children in the north of England, the Bee Gees tribute album, Gotta Get A Message To You, has quite a hook from the beginning and immediately gets your attention. More Than A Woman (by 911), Tragedy (by Steps) and Night Fever (by Adam Garcia) are quintessential dance tunes for the '90s. However, this album is not all dance music. There are some beautiful ballads, such as Woman In Love (by Dana International) and How Deep Is Your Love (by Ultra Naté).

Before you rush out and buy this one, you should know that this is not the perfect tribute album. There are some notable misses. I Started A Joke (by Robbie Williams & The Orb) can only be described as strange - a sort of reggae/techno-pop Bob Marley meets the Bee Gees. Another miss on the album is Space's version of Massachusetts, with its inferior vocals. This group should all confine their singing to the shower. Nevertheless, if you enjoy listening to the music of the Bee Gees being performed by other artists, this is a simply "must-have" for your collection. You will not be disappointed.