Contact Me

Sadly, the time has come where I need to shut down my old contact form. It had turned into a neverending barrage of spam, which I am tired of dealing with. Also, a problem had developed in which I could receive messages through the contact form but replies to those messages were being rejected by the server for some unknown reason. I have been unable to resolve that issue.

If you sent me a legitimate message recently through my old contact form (and you know who you are), please accept my most sincere apology for not replying to you. Know that I made a valiant effort to get a message to you but was unsuccessful.

As an alternative, for the time being at least, please try sending me a message through my Facebook page. No need to send me a friend request prior to messaging me. Just please be respectful; i.e., no spam or I will report you!

Thanks for your understanding, and have a super day!