CD Trustee Software Review

CD Trustee
Build A Music Database With No Typing

(Note: The developer for CD Trustee retired, and it is no longer being supported. When he retired, many of his customers switched to Music Collector. However, I hobbled along with CD Trustee until recently, when I got a new Windows 10 PC. CD Trustee wouldn't install on it and I was forced to switch software. I just finished making the database conversion to Music Collector, and have made a new web page which chronicles that experience. Anyway, the below review was originally posted on CD Trustee's website.)

CD Trustee screen shot (click to see a larger image)

Have you hesitated about building a database for your music collection because of the time it would take to populate it? Well, hesitate no longer. Here's some software that will do most of the work for you. CD Trustee is loaded with features, such as an automatic lookup to populate your database for your pre-recorded CDs. Well, what about your homemade CDRs, or even those quaint 12-inch platters called LPs? No problem. CD Trustee lets you enter the information manually for them into your database. You can also do searches on many categories, such as song, album, and genre. CD Trustee will even find an artist name for you when it's on a Various Artists CD.

Want more? Version 2 has just been released, and it has even more features. There is now a print review feature and search capability by composer. You can even save reports as HTML and PDF files for uploading to your website. I just can't say enough about this software. Get a trial version of CD Trustee, which lets you enter up to 30 CDs into your database. Buy it, and the 30 CD restriction is lifted. Start building your music database today; you'll be glad you did.