My Music Collection: An Introduction

Sample album covers from my music collection

The above pictures are just a small sample of my collection. As you can see, I'm into a wide variety of music - from jazz to reggae to western swing, and everything in between. My collection includes 1,300+ recordings by over 300 artists. My list includes every music related item in my collection, even concert videos and concert DVDs. Check back often to see my latest additions. Also, check out my collection using my music database search page.

There are probably a hundred different ways I could have sliced and diced my collection for display but here's how I chose to do it. First of all, you'll find separate pages for my favorite artists, the Bee Gees, the Corrs and Savage Garden. I split up the rest by genre. Obviously, not every type of music is represented by the categories I've chosen and indeed some categories have only a handful of entries. However, if it's a type of music in which I plan to increase my collection, it's worthy of having its own page. Of course, if you'd rather just view the whole thing in one place, I have a section for that too.

You may notice that some recordings appear in multiple categories. For example, the various artists CD called A Twist Of Marley can be found on both the jazz and reggae pages because - well, it belongs in both categories. Otherwise, how else would you be able to take it all in? Anyway, I hope you like what you see.