B. W. Stevenson: His Music and Where To Buy It

B. W. Stevenson - Calabasas album cover

I've had a lot of inquiries recently about my B. W. Stevenson collection from people who have wanted to either buy items from me (sorry, my collection isn't for sale) or just want to get some information about where they can find Stevenson's recordings. That's why I built this page - in the hopes that it would help you find the items you're missing from your collection.

The first place I'd recommend you look for B. W. Stevenson, or any other artist for that matter, is the All Music Guide. You'll find a brief biography and most importantly a discography of his albums, which of course will help you identify what you need to be on the lookout for. Secondly, I have a favorite website that I always search first when looking for anything, MusicStack.com. NOTE: You'll have better luck searching on MusicStack.com by just the last name rather than Stevenson's full name. Don't ask me why; that's just the way things are.

If you'd like some other online sources to search and possibly order from, I'd highly recommend that you pick up copies of Goldmine magazine, paying particular attention to the ads listing websites. I think you'll be surprised and pleased with what you find. Besides, you'll be kept up to date on the latest music news. What could be better?

Regarding the availability of B. W. Stevenson music, all his recordings are getting harder and harder to find, so just be aware of that. The following is a list of B. W. Stevenson recordings on CD:

To my knowledge, these are his only albums that have been issued on CD. If you know of others, please let me know and I'll update this page. I'll most likely add them to my want list, too.

The following are compilations that B. W. participates on:

You might also be interested in an album that's still in print, by Daniel Moore called Riding A Horse & Holding Up The World. Daniel Moore wrote several songs with and for B. W. Stevenson, a few of which are included on this album. I highly recommend it.

That's the extent of my knowledge, folks. I hope I've helped you get just a little closer to getting your hands on these recordings. B. W. was a truly talented artist, and his recordings are definitely worth searching out. Happy hunting!

Would you like to see more of B. W. Stevenson's catalog on CD? If so, I've started a grass roots campaign to try and get that to happen. Please visit this page. Thanks!