Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy DVDs / CDs / mp3 files / wav files from you?

No, sorry. I used to sell some of my CDs but I stopped doing that when it began to take up too much of my free time. I have NEVER sold DVDs, mp3 files or wav files and have no intention of ever doing so. Please don't ask how you can buy from me; I will not reply to such inquiries.

Can I trade mp3 CDs with you?

No, sorry. I find that the sound quality of mp3 files is generally pretty poor, and I rarely listen to them.

Can I download mp3 files / wav files from you?

Sorry, but I am no longer making available any files for download. There are plenty of outlets online from which you can purchase them. In addition, the selection of such songs is large enough now that you can find just about any song you're looking for.

Can I give you a blank CD-R or DVD-R in trade?

No, sorry. It must be a recording.

Do I have to trade something to you from your want list?

No. Of course, my first priority is trading for items from my want list. However, I like all kinds of music and I'll consider just about anything in trade.

What kind of recordings will you accept in trade?

I'm only willing to trade CDs and CD-Rs of the following types. Please don't try to offer me anything else in trade.

  • CD-Rs by artists whose work is obscure and/or hard to find. (Hint: It isn't rare or hard to find if I can order it from any of several places on the internet). If you're in doubt about this point, please ask.

  • Certain bootlegs.

  • Pre-recorded CDs (new or used), as long as the jewel case, CD and liner notes are in good condition (NO missing sleeves, original sleeves only). One or two light scratches are okay as long as there is no problem playing the CD; however, significantly scratched CDs are NOT acceptable. Again, if you are in doubt about this, please ask.

How does trading with you work?

It's quite simple really. Just decide how many DVDs / CDs I have that you'd like to trade for, then offer me a like number of DVDs / CDs in return. For example, say you see two CDs on my trade list that you'd like to have. Offer me two CDs in return. I'll let you know one way or the other if I'll accept your trade offer.

OK, I get your point that you won't sell DVDs / CDs to me. Could you at least put me in touch with the person you got a particular recording from so I could maybe get a copy from them?

Sorry, I haven't stayed in touch with anyone that I've traded with in the past. I haven't saved anyone's name that I've traded with, let alone their contact information.

I'm looking for some Bee Gees recordings that you have. How can I get my own copies of these?

If you have something you can trade me in exchange for the items you're looking for, make me an offer. See above FAQ for what I'm willing to trade for.

I'm looking for B. W. Stevenson recordings. Can you help me find them?

Yes, I'd be happy to help you. First though, please read the article in my Music Articles section titled B. W. Stevenson: His Music And Where To Buy It. I have some collecting tips that are specific to B. W. Stevenson.

I'd be interested in attending a tribute concert to B. W. Stevenson. Would you like to organize such an event?

I would love to attend a concert like that myself. However, there are several reasons why I wouldn't be a good candidate to organize an event like that, the most important reason being that I no longer live in Texas. In order to assure the best attendance at a tribute concert, you would probably need to have it in either Austin or Dallas. A concert of any kind is also pretty expensive to setup. I have neither the financial means nor the expertise to organize something like that.

The next best thing to a tribute concert to B. W. Stevenson is probably the Annual B.W. Stevenson Memorial Songwriter Competition at Poor David's Pub in Dallas. This event has been held every spring since 1989. Check their website for an events schedule.

I'm looking for Rusty Wier recordings. Can you help me find them?

Yes, I'd be happy to help you. First though, please read the article in my Music Articles section titled Rusty Wier: His Music And Where To Buy It. I have some collecting tips that are specific to Rusty Wier.

I notice that you have a recording listed on your website called Roots' Reggae by a group called Kittitian. Do you know if they have any more albums? Do you have any contact information for the group?

Sorry, I don't have any information on the group at all. I actually bought my CD several years ago at a Christmas Adopt-A-Family fund raiser at work, but I have no idea who donated the CD or if they would know any more than I do. If I find out anything, I'll be glad to post it here on my website. Perhaps one of the group members will see this and contact me with a URL to their website or some other information.

I'm looking for a recording by another artist. Can you help me find it?

Yes, I'd be happy to. First though, please read the article in my Music Articles section titled Using The Internet To Further Collecting Efforts. I have some general search tips, plus a few links to websites that just might help.

Do you know where I can find sheet music for [insert song name here]?

Sorry, I don't have any information at all on any kind of sheet music. Your best bet would be to search Google.

Do you have the guitar chords for [insert song name here]?

Sorry, I don't have the chords for any songs at all. You might have some luck searching Google.

I have a recording that's only available on vinyl but I'd like to have it on CD. Can you help?

Possibly. If you're interested in transferring it to CD-R yourself, I have a tutorial on that subject in my Vinyl Restoration section titled Turning Vinyl Into Digital Gold. Another option is paying a company like CVC Productions to do the transfer work for you . I had them do some work for me before I had capability of doing it myself. Their prices are quite reasonable and the quality of work is excellent.

I want a CD of a recording that has never been reissued as a CD. In fact, I can't find a copy of it in any format because it's very hard to find. I see on your website that you have a copy of it as a CD-R. Would you be willing to sell me a CD-R copy of this recording?

No, sorry. As I have explained previously, I do not sell CDs. Your best bet would be to find the recording on vinyl or cassette, then pay someone to make a CD-R copy for you. Please see previous FAQs here on this page for how to locate the recording, and suggestions for how to turn that recording into a CD-R.

What if I have a question that wasn't covered in your FAQ? May I contact you?

Absolutely! I'd love to hear from you.