The BeeGeesMobile

So who owns the license plate in Washington state that says BEEGEES? Me, of course! Here are some pics of the famous BeeGeesMobile. For the story of how I came to be the proud owner of these license plates, scroll down.

The BeeGeesMobile - Picture 1

The BeeGeesMobile - Picture 2

The BeeGeesMobile - Picture 3

OK, here's the story about how I got these license plates. Late in 2002, a co-worker told me he had seen a car several times coming into our parking garage at work with license plates that said BEEGEES. It wasn't too long after that I saw which car he was talking about. I had noticed the "Tweety" seat covers on the car but until then hadn't paid attention to the license plates. Not only that, but I noticed that the lady who owned the car seemed to come into the parking garage every day about the same time as me, and parked very close to me. However, I could never find out who she was.

Several weeks went by, then one day she and I happened to enter the parking garage at the same time. She parked right next to me that day, so I waited for her to get out of her car and went over to introduce myself to her. It turned out, naturally, that she was a Bee Gees fan, and we had a nice conversation there in the parking lot. We've talked several times since then, too.

One day, she told me she was thinking of getting a different personalized license plate and wanted to know if I'd be interested in getting the BEEGEES plate when she got another one. I said sure, but I really wasn't counting on anything coming of it. You know how these things go; people can change their minds. Also, between that conversation and me actually getting the license plates, Maurice Gibb passed away. Given that event, I thought she really might have second thoughts.

The time did come though when she gave up the license plates. I met her at Department Of Licensing that day so she could sign a release form and I could order BEEGEES license plates for myself (of course, she wanted to keep her old ones). According to the rules, she had 45 days in which she could change her mind about giving up her personalized license plate, unless she signed a release form. In that case, I could order the license plates right away. Anyway, it took about two weeks to get the new license plates, and I couldn't be happier! So now you know the whole story.