Lyrics: There Is Someone Who Loves You

The fruit is eternal, but the basket is not
The fruits are everlasting, but the basket will rot
This world is not forever, it's a crazy, crazy place
If I knew I had to stay here, I'd be a basket case


It's so elementary, all inside the Book
Makes me wonder, why doesn't everybody look
Life can be so lonely, no one seems to care
But what it seems may not always be what is really there

There is someone who loves you
There is someone watching over you
Tonight from the corner of your soul
There is someone who needs you
Someone who wants to be your guiding light
And a refuge from the storm of life

How much longer it's all going to last
I can't really answer, but the end is coming fast
There's not much time left to spread the word around
I want you there when the roll is called and we hear the trumpets sound

This song appears on the following albums in my collection:

Artist Name Album Title Format
B. W. Stevenson Calabasas / Lifeline CD-R