Lyrics: Fiddle And The Bow

Listen and I'll tell you a tale about a man
Lived long ago in a magical land
Made himself a fiddle with a bow just right
Played all morning and he played all night

They sang and they fiddled and they danced every tune
From Hey Diddle Diddle to the Cow in the Moon
From 1:00 P.M till an hour past noon
From the day after May to just before June

One sad day when the man was gone
Along came a liar with a lyin' song
Said "Come along with me to a sweet sweet band."
The fiddle said "yes," and away they ran

When they got to the house of the liar
They found their host with a burnin' desire
He dragged them down in the flame and the fire
What a hot time in the house of the liar

When the man came back and he found them gone
He went looking for the liar and the lyin' song
Swapped all he had for the fiddle and bow
Tucked them in his arms and he took them on home


That's all there is to the tale of the man
Lived long ago in a magical land
With the fiddle and the bow that were twice his own
He made 'em and he bought 'em and he took 'em on home

This song appears on the following albums in my collection:

Artist Name Album Title Format
B. W. Stevenson Calabasas / Lifeline CD-R