The Corrs & Related Collection

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The saying is so true that you just can't please everybody. In his review on, Andrew Muller labels this concert "a motley assortment of has-beens and time-wasters, a curious number of whom felt it proper to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's 50 years by singing old Motown songs badly." To be sure, this concert is populated with a lot of flavor-of-the-month rock stars, but to call any of these performers has-beens is totally unfair.

The Corrs & Related Collection
Artist Name Album Title Format
The Corrs Moved To Tears CD-R
The Corrs Radio CD Single
The Corrs Rare Tracks (Disc 1) CD-R
The Corrs Rare Tracks (Disc 2) CD-R
The Corrs The Right Time CD Single
The Corrs Secret Dreams CD
The Corrs Spain Spectacular! (Disc 1) CD-R
The Corrs Spain Spectacular! (Disc 2) CD-R
The Corrs Sporthalle Hamburg 10-31-00 CD-R
The Corrs Summer Sunshine CD Single
The Corrs Summer Sunshine CD Single
The Corrs Talk On Corners CD
The Corrs Talk On Corners: Special Edition CD
The Corrs Unplugged CD
The Corrs Unplugged DVD
The Corrs Wembley Wizards CD
The Corrs What Can I Do CD Single
The Corrs What Can I Do (Live At The Royal Albert Hall) CD Single
The Corrs White Light CD
The Corrs Would You Be Happier? CD Single
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