Track List: Various Artists - A Twist of Marley

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Various Artists - A Twist of Marley on CD
# Track Title Artist Composer Time
Exodus  Michael Brecker and Lisa Fischer Bob Marley  5:21 
I Shot The Sherrif  Maxi Priest and Lee Ritenour Bob Marley  5:17 
Get Up, Stand Up  Lee Ritenour and Dave Gruisin Bob Marley, Peter Tosh  4:58 
No Woman No Cry  Jonathan Butler Vincent Ford, Bob Marley (uncredited)  6:08 
Is This Love  Will Downing and Lee Ritenour Bob Marley  5:33 
Redemption Song  Richard Bona and Michael Brecker Bob Marley  4:53 
Jamming  Gerald Albright and Lee Ritenour Bob Marley  4:16 
Waiting In Vain  Lee Ritenour and Maxi Priest Bob Marley  4:34 
Turn Your Lights Down Low  Lisa Fischer Bob Marley  5:05 
10  So Much Trouble  Rick Braun and Phil Perry Bob Marley  4:24 
11  Could You Be Loved  Marc Antoine and Patti Austen Bob Marley  4:43 
12  Stir It Up  Phil Perry Bob Marley  4:27 
13  Get Up, Stand Up  Jochem and Digz Bob Marley, Peter Tosh  4:24 
Total Time: 1:04:03 

Album Notes
AMG EXPERT REVIEW: Lee Ritenour unveils a new chapter in the legacy of Bob Marley with the release of A Twist of Marley, a collection of that artist's songs that are sung and played by some of contemporary jazz' hottest stars.

Ritenour expands on Marley's essence gleaned from the experiences of such international stars as Jonathan Butler, guitarist Marc Antoine, Gerald Albright, Patti Austin, Richard Bona, Rick Braun, Michael Brecker, Will Downing, Lisa Fischer, Dave Grusin, Phil Perry, and Maxi Priest. They cover such great songs as ''Exodus,'' with Lisa Fischer wailing the lead vocals over samples from Bob Marley & the Wailers. This song is so emotional, so awesome, and features that penetrating cry from the inner recesses of her heart and soul.

Ritenour has also added the melodic vocals of Maxi Priest on ''Waiting in Vain'' and the controversial ''I Shot the Sheriff,'' with a fresh contemporary jazz perspective. On the radio hit ''Get Up, Stand Up,'' Lee Ritenour's smooth guitar playing replaces Marley's vocals on the melody but he hasn't lost one iota of the song's omnipresent civil rights theme. His guitar stylings weep softly and gently and then gain in strength and resilience, symbolizing the significance of Marley and Peter Tosh's heartfelt lyrics.

On the R&B version of the same song, Jochem and Digz interpret it their way and do a great take on this soul jazz rendition. Both Will Downing and Jonathan Butler bring credibility to the project with their soulful takes on ''Is This Love'' and ''No Woman No Cry.'' Lee Ritenour's homage to the artist, composer, and humanitarian is derived from his appreciation of Marley's ability to touch him in many ways and his blend of contemporary jazz with Marley's pure reggae, ska. and soulful beats is skillfully realized.

A Twist of Marley is a unique gift to the music world and to present and future fans of Bob Marley.