Track List: The Doobie Brothers - Let The Music Play: The Story Of The Doobie Brothers

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The Doobie Brothers - Let The Music Play: The Story Of The Doobie Brothers on DVD
# Track Title Artist Composer Time
The Doobie Brothers      3:10 
We Gotta Let The Music Play ...      36:27 
You Don't Know Me, But I'm Your Brother ...      15:49 
Tryin' Hard To Recreate ...      14:19 
Seems Time Is Here And Gone ...      14:30 
We Just Keep Rollin' Along ...      4:00 
I've Been Here Many Times Before ...      3:08 
Livin' Alone Is Drivin' Me Crazy ...      5:09 
Where Would You Be Right Now ...      1:53 
10  Credits      1:15 
11  Rainy Day Crossroad Blues    Tom Johnston  4:20 
12  Without You    Tom Johnston  8:52 
13  Listen To The Music    Tom Johnston  5:12 
14  Black Water    Patrick Simmons  6:03 
15  Takin' It To The Streets    Michael McDonald  4:17 
16  Rockin' Down The Highway    Tom Johnston  3:24 
17  Neal's Fandango    Patrick Simmons  3:38 
18  Long Train Runnin'    Tom Johnston  6:31 
19  China Grove    Tom Johnston  3:18 
Total Time: 2:25:15 

Album Notes
From their start at the Chateau Liberte in Santa Cruz to playing at the largest venues around the world, The Doobie Brothers have established themselves as one of the most important bands in the history of rock 'n roll, selling over 40 million records and earning 24 Gold and Platinum awards. Over forty years since their debut in the music scene in 1971, The Doobie Brothers have ridden the waves of change transforming themselves time and again, crossing musical, generational and cultural boundaries to become one of the most recognized bands in history.

This film takes viewers on a journey through the history of The Doobie Brothers led by the band members as they share anecdotes and personal experiences. From their small town, biker-bar image and electric rock sound to their world-wide commercial success and ''blue-eyed soul'' style, this film combines rare concert footage with intimate, personal moments in the lives of the band members and their families, industry peers, and the people who have been involved with the band through their four decades of evolution, challenges and success.

This film gives us front and center stage access to the band members' personal experience of their evolution, their challenges and their rebirth.

Note: Tracks 11-19 are live bonus performances