Track List: The Corrs - In Blue (Limited Borders Edition)

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The Corrs - In Blue (Limited Borders Edition) on CD
# Track Title Artist Composer Time
Breathless    R. J. (Mutt) Lange  3:29 
Give Me A Reason    The Corrs  3:30 
Somebody For Someone    The Corrs  4:01 
Say    The Corrs  4:34 
All The Love In The World    R. J. (Mutt) Lange  4:23 
Radio    The Corrs  4:15 
Irresistible    R. J. (Mutt) Lange  3:41 
One Night    The Corrs  4:38 
All In A Day    The Corrs  3:44 
10  At Your Side    The Corrs  3:55 
11  No More Cry    The Corrs  2:59 
12  Rain    The Corrs  4:15 
13  Give It All Up    The Corrs  3:29 
14  Hurt Before    The Corrs  4:05 
15  Rebel Heart    The Corrs  4:07 
16  Head In The Air (Bonus Track)    The Corrs  3:45 
17  Judy (Bonus Track)    The Corrs  2:28 
18  What Can I Do (Live Acoustic Version) (Bonus Track)    The Corrs  4:10 
Total Time: 1:09:28 

Album Notes
Limited edition from Borders w/ three unreleased bonus tracks