Track List: The Corrs - In Blue Special Edition (Disc 1)

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The Corrs - In Blue Special Edition (Disc 1) on CD
# Track Title Artist Composer Time
Breathless    R. J. (Mutt) Lange  3:29 
Give Me A Reason    The Corrs  3:30 
Somebody For Someone    The Corrs  4:01 
Say    The Corrs  4:34 
All The Love In The World    R. J. (Mutt) Lange  4:23 
Radio    The Corrs  4:15 
Irresistible    R. J. (Mutt) Lange  3:41 
One Night    The Corrs  4:38 
All In A Day    The Corrs  3:43 
10  At Your Side    The Corrs  3:55 
11  No More Cry    The Corrs  2:59 
12  Rain    The Corrs  4:15 
13  Give It All Up    The Corrs  3:29 
14  Hurt Before    The Corrs  4:05 
15  Rebel Heart    The Corrs  4:06 
Total Time: 59:03 

Album Notes
Andrea Corr: Lead Vocals, Tin Whistle
Caroline Corr: Vocals, Drums, Bodhren, Percussion
Sharon Corr: Vocals, Violin
Jim Corr: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Anthony Drennan: Guitars, Lead Guitar
Keith Duffy: Bass Guitar

Billy Farrell: Additional Keyboards/Programming
Mitchell Froom: Additional Keyboards
Oisin Murray: Programming
Paul Duffy: Saxophone on 'Give It All Up' / Ronan Dooney: Trumpet on 'Give It All Up' / Fiachra Trench: String Arrangement on 'One Night'
Tracks 1,5,7 Produced by Robert John 'Mutt' Lange
Tracks 2,9 Produced by The Corrs
Tracks 3,6,8,11,12 Produced by The Corrs and DFHM / Additional Production by Mitchell Froom
Tracks 4,10,14 Produced by Mitchell Froom and The Corrs
Track 13 Produced by The Corrs / Additional Production by Mitchell Froom
Track 15 Produced by The Corrs and Hughes & Farrell
Additional Production by Mitchell Froom
Recorded by Tim Martin at Westland Studio, Dublin, Ireland
Additional Recording at Windmill Lane Studio, Dublin, Ireland
Assistant Engineers: Frances Murphy, Keith Roche
Tracks 1,5,7 Recording and Assistant Engineer: Michel Gallone
Pre-Programming: Richard Meyer
Additional Programming and Pro Tools Editing: Kevin Churko
Additional Programming: Cory Churko
Mixed by Mike Shipley at The Record Plant, Los Angeles, CA
Assisted by Adam Oimsted
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering, Portland, ME
DFHM are Anthony Drennan, Billy Farrell, John Hughes and Tim Martin
Management: John Hughes
Business Management: Barry Gaster
Tour Management: Henry McGroggan
Agent: John Giddings at Solo
Crew: Bob O'Brien, Max Bisgrove, Mini, Declan Hogan, Ian Calder, Oisin Murray, Liam McCarthy, Richard Douglas, Marion Neill
Art Direction: Elizabeth Barrett
Design: Andrea Brooks
Photography: Norman Jean Roy, Rankin
Make-up: J. Maskarey
Hair: Dylan Bradshaw
Stylist: Sara Gore-Reeves

Thanks to Atlantic Records:
Val Azzoli, Richard Bates, Adrienne Borgersen, Danny Buch, Ilene Budin, Patti Conte, Steve Davis, Ahmet Ertegun, Linda Ferrando, Andi Ferrara, Rick Froio, Peter Galvin, Andrea Ganis, Sally Gavaghan, Vicky Germaise, Arline Gidion, Erin Gilligan, Laura Gold, Mary Hooton, Bob Kaus, Alan Kennedy, Jeff Levy, Fren Lichtman, Keith Lyle, Mary Ellen Mason, Adam Mirabella, Tony O'Brien, Brian Renney, Sharon Robertson, Craig Rosen, Ron Shapiro, Lou Sicurezza, Rick Sudakoff, and all at Atlantic.

Thanks to 143 Records:
David Foster, Larry Frazin, Jaymes Foster-Levy, Jill Rose, Sam Thompson.

Thanks to Lava Records:
Jason Flom, Amy DeRouen, Rick Goetz, Andy Karp.

Thanks to Roger Ames at the Warner-Music Group.

Thanks to Warner Music international:
Carla Donnelly, Jay Durgan, Andy Murray, Stephen Shrimpton.

Thanks to all at Polygram Music Publishing and EMI Music Publishing.

Thanks to:
Barcus Berry Violins, Robert Gavin Bonnar, Bravado International Group, Canegreen, Doug Chandler at Paul Reed Smith Guitars, Deirdre Costello at Westland Studios, Jamie Crompton at Guild Guitars and Fender Guitars, DC Chauffeur Drive, DR Strings, Danfay (Dublin), Dennie Desmond, Ronan Dooney, Darryl Downey, Paul Duffy, Ian Dyckoff, Emu Systems, Euphonic Audio, The Factory, Nick Ferrara and Pam Kline, John Giddins, Mo Green, Eddie Grossman, Connor Guinne, Dominic Kelly, Dan Lakin at Lakland Bass Guitars, Litton Lane P.A. (Dublin), Macintosh Computers, Richard McCullough, Adam Olmsted, Nick Pedgrift, Damien Pulle, Remo Drum Heads, Roland Ireland, Sensible Music (Dublin), Shure Bros Microphones, Walton's Music Shops (Dublin), Ian Wilson at Lowden Guitars, all at Windmill Lane Studios, Frank Woods, Yamaha, Zildjian Cymbals, and all of our fans all over the world.

Special Thanks to:
Mutt Lange, Mitchell Froom, Anto Drennan, Keith Duffy, Tim Martin, Billy Farrell, Oisin Murray.

Very Special Thanks to:
Gerry Corr and Marie Hughes.

This record is dedicated to our mother: Jean Corr