Track List: The Corrs - All The Way Home: A History of the Corrs

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The Corrs - All The Way Home: A History of the Corrs on DVD
# Track Title Artist Composer Time
Introduction      2:16 
Act 1: The Corrs Family      15:47 
Act 2: Making Forgiven Not Forgotten      12:06 
Act 3: The Second Album      29:41 
Act 4: In Blue      13:49 
Act 5: 'The New Corrs...'      21:37 
Act 6: All The Way Home      8:59 
Credits      1:35 
Total Time: 1:45:50 

Album Notes
'All The Way Home'' is the complete story of The Corrs from their early beginnings in Dundalk, Ireland to their current position as artists with more than 30 million record sales. In their own words the band describe their incredible global success, covering their whole career, including the making of their latest album, ''Home,'' a return to their Celtic roots. In addition, there is archive footage drawn from TV appearances, tour footage, many rare stills and much memorabilia, plus of course plenty of their music: live, in the studio and in rehearsal.