Track List: The Sandpipers - The Sandpipers

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The Sandpipers - The Sandpipers on LP
# Track Title Artist Composer Time
The French Song    Harry Pease, Larry Vincent  0:00 
Bon Soir Dame    Bud Dashiell  0:00 
For Baby (For Bobbie)    John Denver  0:00 
Inch Worm    Frank Loesser  0:00 
It's Over    Jimmie Rodgers  0:00 
Glass    Marks, Sheldon  0:00 
Rain, Rain Go Away    Kuiokalani Lee  0:00 
Yesterday (Ayer)    John Lennon, Paul McCartney  0:00 
Michelle    John Lennon, Paul McCartney  0:00 
10  Try To Remember    Tom Jones, Harvey Schmidt  0:00 
11  I'll Remember You    Kuiokalani Lee  0:00 
12  Softly As I Leave You    Antonio De Vita, Giorgio Calabrese, Hal Shaper  0:00 
Total Time: 00:00