Track List: Nanci Griffith - Once In A Very Blue Moon

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Nanci Griffith - Once In A Very Blue Moon on CD
# Track Title Artist Composer Time
Ghost In The Music    Eric Taylor, Nanci Griffith  2:50 
Love Is A Hard Waltz    Nanci Griffith  3:11 
Roseville Fair    Bill Staines  2:59 
Mary And Omie    Nanci Griffith  4:31 
Friend Out In The Madness    Nanci Griffith  2:41 
I'm Not Drivin' These Wheels    Nanci Griffith  3:17 
Time Alone    Nanci Griffith  2:01 
Ballad Of Robin Winter-Smith    Richard Dobson  3:15 
Daddy Said    Nanci Griffith  2:35 
10  Once In A Very Blue Moon    Patrick Alger, Gene Levine  2:35 
11  If I Were The Woman You Wanted    Lyle Lovett  3:58 
12  Year Down In New Orleans    Nanci Griffith  2:29 
13  Spin On A Red Brick Floor    Nanci Griffith  2:49 
Total Time: 39:11