Track List: The Corrs - Live In London

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The Corrs - Live In London on DVD
# Track Title Artist Composer Time
Introduction      0:44 
Only When I Sleep    The Corrs, Oliver Leiber, Paul Peterson, John Shanks  2:48 
Give Me A Reason    The Corrs  2:22 
Irresistible    R. J. (Mutt) Lange  2:49 
Forgiven Not Forgotten    The Corrs  3:39 
What Can I Do    The Corrs  2:54 
Joy Of Life    The Corrs  3:14 
Hurt Before    The Corrs  2:46 
Somebody For Someone    The Corrs  2:26 
10  Dreams    Stevie Nicks  15:54 
11  The Right Time    The Corrs  2:57 
12  I Never Loved You Anyway    The Corrs, Carole Bayer Sager  2:56 
13  Runaway    The Corrs  2:35 
14  All The Love In The World    R. J. (Mutt) Lange  2:44 
15  Old Town    Phil Lynott, Jimmy Bain  2:31 
16  All In A Day    The Corrs  2:35 
17  Queen Of Hollywood    The Corrs, Glen Ballard, Dane DeViller, Sean Hosein  3:21 
18  Paddy McCarthy    The Corrs  3:49 
19  Radio    The Corrs  17:33 
20  No More Cry    The Corrs  2:02 
21  Breathless    R. J. (Mutt) Lange  12:03 
22  Encore / Band Introductions      1:14 
23  At Your Side    The Corrs  2:28 
24  So Young    The Corrs  3:25 
25  Toss The Feathers    Traditional, arranged by The Corrs  2:53 
26  Credits      1:06 
Total Time: 1:45:48 

Album Notes
I bought a replacement disc for the old one because I couldn't go forward between tracks after track 13. Turns out the replacement disc has the same problem, so perhaps it is a manufacturing defect.