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To be honest with you, I don't have an artist or album from this group that really stands out for me, although I definitely like this genre of music. However, I've always been a little partial to Johnny Mathis. I remember buying a few of his albums when I was still in junior high; unfortunately, I got rid of most of them several years ago. (Note to self: Never get rid of any albums; you'll eventually come to regret it.)

Johnny Mathis got his singing career started in the mid '50s, concentrating on the jazz and pop standards of that era, enjoying hits in such standards as A Certain Smile, The Twelfth Of Never and my all-time favorite Johnny Mathis tune, Misty. To declare him a legend is certainly no exaggeration. He is renowned for, among other things, having Top 40 hits in each of four decades since the mid '50s, something that only a handful of artists can cite to their credit. One of his latest offerings is the A&E Live By Request concert on DVD, which celebrates his long and distinguished career, a career which shows no signs of slowing down.

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