Track List: The Association - Greatest Hits

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The Association - Greatest Hits on CD
# Track Title Artist Composer Time
The Time It Is Today    Russ Giguere  2:20 
Everything That Touches You    Terry Kirkman  3:23 
Like Always    Larry Ramos, Bob Alcivar, Tony Ortega  3:09 
Never My Love    Don Addrisi, Dick Addrisi  3:13 
Requiem For The Masses    Terry Kirkman  4:11 
Along Comes Mary    Tandyn Almer  2:51 
Enter The Young    Terry Kirkman  2:47 
No Fair At All    James Yester  2:40 
Time For Livin'    Don Addrisi, Dick Addrisi  2:49 
10  We Love    Ted Bluechel, Jr.  2:28 
11  Cherish    Terry Kirkman  3:30 
12  Windy    Ruthann Friedman  2:59 
13  Six Man Band    Terry Kirkman  2:13 
Total Time: 38:33 

Album Notes
The Association's Greatest Hits
Artist The Association
Album Title Association's Greatest Hits
Date of Release 1968 (release) inprint
AMG Rating
Genre Rock
Tones Reflective, Romantic, Sentimental, Sweet, Gentle, Springlike, Happy, Naive, Cheerful, Carefree, Innocent
Styles Sunshine Pop, Baroque Pop, Pop
Type compilation
Time 37:15

AMG EXPERT REVIEW: Beyond representing the best in '60s California pop, the Association blazed trails in album production and the folk-psychedelia genre. With the guidance of L.A. producers Bones Howe, Curt Boetticher, and Jerry Yester, the band deftly mixed airy harmonies, unobtrusive rhythm tracks, and subtle ''Age of Aquarius'' accents from harpsichords, Farfisa organs, fuzz-box guitars, trumpets, and bongos at times, the sophisticated blend was held together by L.A. session players. And while the group successfully expanded their harmonic horizons on ''Requiem for the Masses,'' they also went a bit beyond their strengths with Jefferson Airplane-esque rockers like ''Six Man Band.'' Luckily, the majority of this hits collection focuses on the band's dreamy combination of polished folk, limber vocal arrangements, and wide-screen instrumental backdrops. The summery program also includes chart-toppers like ''Windy,'' ''Cherish,'' ''Along Comes Mary,'' and ''Never My Love,'' along with progressive pop-and-harmony tracks like ''No Fair at All,'' ''Everything That Touches You,'' and ''Time for Livin'.'' A great introduction to the band's prime work from the latter half of the '60s. Stephen Cook

The Association - Producer
Curt Boettcher - Producer
Russ Giguere - Guitar, Vocals
Gary ''Jules'' Alexander - Guitar, Vocals
Ted Bluechel - Drums, Vocals
Bones Howe - Producer
Terry Kirkman - Drums, Vocals, Wind
Larry Ramos - Guitar, Harmonica, Saxophone, Vocals
Jerry Yester - Producer
Jim Yester - Guitar, Keyboards, Saxophone, Vocals
Ed Thrasher - Art Direction
Brian Cole - Bass, Clarinet, Vocals

1987 CD Warner Brothers 2-1767
1987 CS Warner Brothers M5-1767

Produced by Bones Howe, The Association, Curt Boettcher,
and Jerry Yester