Track List: Various Artists - The Beatles & World War II (Disc 1)

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Various Artists - The Beatles & World War II (Disc 1) on CD
# Track Title Artist Composer Time
The Fool On The Hill. Helen Reddy      3:35 
Yesterday. David Essex (+roosevelt)      3:29 
The Long And Winding Road. Leo Sayer(+ Hitler)      6:03 
I Am The Walrus.Leo Sayer(+winston)      4:16 
Come Together. Tina Turner(+lindbergh)      4:27 
Maxwell's Silver Hammer.Frankie Laine(+roosevelt Crossroads))      4:07 
She's Leaving Home. Bryan Ferry(+japanese Amb).      3:39 
Let It Be. Leo Sayer(+roosevel Infamy)      4:28 
Getting Better.Status Quo(+bob Hope)      3:02 
10  Help! Henry Gross(Roosevelt Food)      3:20 
11  Nowhere Man.Jeff Lynne      3:03 
12  Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.Elton John(+winston)      6:39 
Total Time: 50:08