Track List: The Corrs - Rare Tracks (Disc 2)

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The Corrs - Rare Tracks (Disc 2) on CD-R
# Track Title Artist Composer Time
Breathless    R. J. (Mutt) Lange  3:39 
Would You Be Happier    The Corrs  3:34 
Make You Mine    The Corrs, David Foster  3:13 
O Holy Night    Placide Cappeau  4:51 
Song For Ireland    The Corrs  4:54 
Miracle    The Corrs  4:00 
Love In The Milky Way    The Corrs  4:31 
All The Love In The World    R. J. (Mutt) Lange  3:55 
Breathless    R. J. (Mutt) Lange  4:08 
10  Give Me A Reason    The Corrs  3:36 
11  Irresistible    R. J. (Mutt) Lange  3:30 
12  When The Stars Go Blue  The Corrs featuring Bono Ryan Adams  4:21 
13  Summer Wine  The Corrs featuring Bono Lee Hazelwood  3:49 
14  Ruby Tuesday    Mick Jagger, Keith Richards  3:29 
15  Only Love Can Break Your Heart    Neil Young  3:01 
16  Merry Christmas (War Is Over)    John Lennon, Yoko Ono  3:48 
17  Toss The Feathers    Traditional, arranged by The Corrs  3:25 
Total Time: 65:44