Track List: Fleetwood Mac - Mirage (Disc 2)

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Fleetwood Mac - Mirage (Disc 2) on CD
# Track Title Artist Composer Time
Love In Store (Early Version)    Christine McVie, Jim Recor  3:37 
Suma's Walk (A.K.A. Can't Go Back - Outtake)    Lindsey Buckingham  2:15 
That's Alright (Alt.)    Stevie Nicks  3:07 
Book Of Love (Early Version)    Lindsey Buckingham, Richard Dashut  3:58 
Gypsy (Early Version)    Stevie Nicks  5:33 
Only For You (Alt.)    Christine McVie  5:00 
Empire State (Early Version)    Lindsey Buckingham, Richard Dashut  3:26 
If You Were My Love (Outtake)    Stevie Nicks  5:44 
Hold Me (Early Version)    Christine McVie, Robbie Patton  5:20 
10  Oh Diane (Early Version)    Lindsey Buckingham, Richard Dashut  2:54 
11  Smile At You (Outtake)    Stevie Nicks  4:53 
12  Goodbye Angel (Original Outtake)    Lindsey Buckingham  3:12 
13  Eyes Of The World (Alt. Early Version)    Lindsey Buckingham  4:30 
14  Straight Back (Original Album Version)    Stevie Nicks  4:17 
15  Wish You Were Here (Alt.)    Christine McVie, Colin Allen  5:00 
16  Cool Water    Bob Nolan  3:22 
17  Gypsy (Video Version)    Stevie Nicks  4:51 
18  Put A Candle In The Window (Run-Through)    Christine McVie  2:21 
19  Teen Beat (Outtake)    Lindsey Buckingham, Richard Dashut  3:59 
20  Blue Monday (Jam)    Dave Bartholomew  1:32 
Total Time: 78:51 

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