Track List: The Bee Gees - From The Gibb Files

The Bee Gees - From The Gibb Files on CD-R
# Track Title Artist Composer Time
To A Girl  Andy Gibb    04:15 
Ultrabrite Jingle  Maurice Gibb    0:27 
Alabama (first acetate)  Maurice Gibb    3:49 
Sha-La-La  Bee Gees    0:16 
We Can Conquer The World  Bee Gees    2:49 
Come Some Halloween Or Christmas Day  Bee Gees    3:59 
Rings Of Gold  Lesley Gibb, Ian B. MacDonald    2:25 
Give Your Best  Lesley Gibb, Ian MacDonald    2:11 
Keep On Smiling  Lesley Gibb, Ian MacDonald    1:50 
10  End Of The World  Bee Gees    0:42 
11  Twenty Miles To Blueland  Bee Gees    0:20 
12  All Around My Clock  Bee Gees    1:17 
13  Gena's Theme  Bee Gees    1:31 
14  The Promise You Made  Bee Gees    1:17 
15  Let Your Heart Out  Bee Gees    2:23 
Total Time: 29:31